August 2, 2007

dr. richard gaylord

Richard Gaylord was a retired psychiatrist for the Army
who could have been anywhere from 70 to112 years old.
A regular at dc space,
Dr. Gaylord could be found hanging
with the hordes of depraved young people wearing a fur coat
and a giant silver “Peace Sign” dangling from his neck.

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Ace said...

A singular, colorful presence in the DC menagerie, Dr. Richard Hilliard Gaylord was one of the oddest people I have ever known and one of the best friends I have ever had. Richard appreciated an elevated mind, quick wit and a leaning towards the artistic, while remaining to this day one of the filthiest minds I have ever encountered.

Jason Carmer and I created a band called “Smooch” to showcase Richard’s particularly ribald verse… okay, “ribald” is perhaps not the proper word to use for lyrics like, “Come on baby, spread your ass”, but he was THE WORLDS OLDEST LIVING ROCKER at that time.